• The Speed Limiters was designed and manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of Speed Management System in the world.
  • BSMNG Speed Limiter is approved by FRSC and SON
  • BSMng offers unmatched geographical spread across the country

Speed Limiters- Benefits

  • „Fuel Saving up to 20% per annum
  • Fast return on investment
  • Safer and improved driving behaviour
  • Savings on maintenance cost, repairs, tires, damages and emission
  • Demonstrable CSR due to more economical and sustainable fleet
  • Compliance with relevant road traffic law
  • Sustainable and socially responsible road behaviour

 Speed Limiters Installation

  • Installation is handled by our expert installers
  • Installation time is about one (1) hour
  • BSMng Professional Indemnity Insurance up to N15Million

Speed Limters Features

  • Features: Electronically controlled, CAN-bus compatible, Plug & Play T-harness, Specific mounting kit, Easyfit universal mounting kit
  • Compatible with: Drive-by-wire technology/Mechanical accelerator pedal