About Us

Best School of Motoring Ltd !

bsmng-1BSMng (Best School of Motoring) was established for the sole purpose of impacting the driving and motoring ethics of the average Nigerian, providing unparalleled vehicles security, fleet management system and speed management technology. To provide solutions is our specialised areas of business, BSMng has pioneered some flagship products and services:

  • BSMng Tracker
  • BSMng Speed Limiter
  • BSMng Outsourcing & Recruitment
  • BSMng Drivers Training

BSMng Driving School is an FRSC approved school of motoring, and our Vehicle Tracking is equally approved by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC). Our Speed Limiter is also approved by FRSC, SON and other government agencies.

mission-pngOur mission is to develop a common set of bespoke motoring culture for the Nigerian nation. We have come to believe that the Nigerian way and mindset is unique and if cultivated could yet be the envy of the developed world.

We believe that with the conventional motoring culture as a guide, an adoption of sets of rules that are more applicable to the Nigerian way,

  1. Taught in a peculiar way and
  2. With peculiar but sophisticated learning aids and resources to help driver succeed

iii. Delivered by internationally acclaimed instructors and experts would be better assimilated and easily obeyed by the Nigerian person.

learnThis we hope to do, without any danger whatsoever, to the adaptation of the Nigerian motorist to the universal rules of motoring should he or she finds himself in any other part of the world. We understand that, after all, the world is a global village.

BSMng offers lessons in cars, motorbikes, coaches & mini-buses and artic & rigid trucks, to drivers of any skill level, from absolute beginner to advanced commercial drivers.