Our Services


This is a course running for 12 classes or more and comprising of Theory and Practical Classes.

Whether you are a nervous beginner or have years of experience, BSMng’s qualified and professional Driving Instructors will teach you the skills you need to be a good and confident driver for life. All our cars are fitted with dual-controls and are fully insured for all our pupils. We will collect you from your door, offering an unparalled professional service to suit your schedule.

Our Theory Classes are mandatory but flexible in delivery. They can be undertaken

In our classes, located at any of our offices

At student’s home

Via our e-learning programme

They are mandatory because we consider them the bedrock of the attainment of our corporate mission.

light-car-inside-blackOur Practical Sessions:

We pride ourselves to be one of the first and few driving institutes using DUAL PEDALLED vehicles in Nigeria. This ensures that safety of the learner and indeed the trainer is guaranteed.

Statistics abound attesting to how the use of a dual pedalled car has:

  • Encouraged hitherto fretful learner drivers
  • Assured other road users of safety
  • Prevented potential road accidents involving learner drivers

Our Instructors are well trained and cultured in the act of teaching. We don’t settle for any less than the best, so why should you and with packages to suit every pocket, learning to drive successfully is a reality!


The Advanced Drivers’ service is a multi-level and continuously updated curriculum for experienced drivers – Private, Commercial and/or Corporate.

With very flexible training or refreshers’ courses hours, this service is usually tailored to the specific needs of the Employer’s operations. Periodic training will help you improve your knowledge and skills to make sure that you are a driver of the highest professional standard. It will also help you to keep up to date with the changes in the industry and to benefit from training throughout your professional career.

The training modules may include a combination of the following topics and many more of the likes:

  • Defensive and Advanced Drivers Course
  • The Corporate Driver – Attitudes, Comportment & Skills
  • Accidents: Why, When & How
  • Motoring Related Emergencies & How To Handle Them
  • How the Motor Vehicle Works
  • Understanding of the Highway Code – Traffic Codes , Lines & Lane Markings etc
  • Practical Case Studies and Driving Drills
  • Managing relationships with Traffic Authorities
  • School Bus Driving Skills and Ethics
  • Understanding the Rules governing the Right of Way Codes

Our uniqueness in this specialised field lies in our range of locally captured training resources. – Videos, Pictures etc. and real life application of knowledge and our focus is improving road safety.

Our training aim to:

  • Enhance recognition and response to road hazards.
  • Develop risk management to reduce stress and improve personal and public safety.
  • Encourage a driving style that reduces fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.
  • Highlight health and safety implications when driving on company business


This service avails corporate organisations and individuals trained and certified drivers.

It also allows the Corporate Organisation the opportunity of Drivers Outsourcing or contracting, thus making it free to run its core business without glitches.

Other services rendered under this scheme include:

  • Background security checks on prospective drivers
  • Drivers Management and Administration
  • Fleet Management and Administration
  • Medical Checks – eye test, blood test etc.
  • Management of Drivers’ Drill & Review Sessions

BSMng will do everything in its power to find the candidate that best meets the specific requirements of your driver position. This includes all necessary tests, check-ups and in-depth interviews that all our drivers will undergo. All our drivers undergo a rigorous and intensive driver training.

All our drivers are monitored regularly and their progress is charted. We also request feedback from all our clients in order to improve and further build relationships. Let us look after your drivers while you look after your business.